Ethical Fashion Spring Summer ’16

Ethical Fashion Spring Summer 16

Well hello there! Are you interested in fashion? Are you interested in ethical fashion? Silly question, of course you are, why else would we be here? Don’t worry this is a safe and happy place full of clothes and shiny things. (Don’t try to pretend you don’t like shiny things…I know you do). We’re here to talk about what’s on trend for the Spring/Summer ’16 season. There are so many styles doing the rounds that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and that’s even before you add on the ethical fashion necessity. But let me part the fog and welcome you to a, fabulous of course, Nirvana. I’ve searched through the ethical fashion listings on the EthicalFair directory to find items that echo the current trends. With a bit of searching you can put together an outfit so stylish Vogue will want to know where you shop!

So join me and let’s get glamorous together!

Soft Rock

Ethical Fashion SS16 Soft Rock

Black Playsuit €50 by Jan ‘N June; Jewelled Bracelet £15 by Boden;
Fishnet Stocking £23 by Studio Jux; Fleur Necklace £30 by Boden;
Black Backpack €100 by Studio Jux; Ibiza Shoes €135 by Nae-Vegan

I know, I chose to start off with the trend that might scare off some of you. You still with me? Alrighty then on we go! This is an ethical fashion look that speaks to my soul! (Or more likely my teenage punk-rock phase). I chose to mainly focus on black items as, not only does it speak of rock, it’s a slimming and universally flattering colour. Gold accents on the jewellery, shoes, and backpack bring cohesion to the look. The Jan ‘N June playsuit paired with the Studio Jux fishnets would look rock paired together by themselves!

Man Shirts and Metallics

Ethical Fashion SS16 Man Shirts & Metallics

Lucy Silver Brogues £135 by Beyond Skin;
Black Elish Cropped Trousers £70 by Komodo from The Acey;
Organic Grey Plaid Flannel Shirt £139 by AIAYU from The Acey

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you wear a full-on Starman metallic bodysuit. But metallics are a reoccurring theme this season so it’s a great idea to see if you can sneak a bit in somewhere! The silver brogues from Beyond Skin are a great example, not overwhelming but just right. They also compliment a pair of cropped trousers and an oversized/boyfriend shirt. The key is to make sure the shirt is loose. Overall it could lead itself to a masculine, maybe even androgynous, ethical fashion look but I think that makes it a decent foil for some of the more feminine trends this season. After all, we want something for everyone!

Off the Shoulder

Ethical Fashion SS16 Off the Shoulder

Bridget Top £35 by Boden; Gladiator Sandals €92 by Fair; 7/8 Chino £50 by Boden

The reason strapless bras were invented! (I mean, I’m going to assume right?) We’ve got a meshing of trends above, not just off-the-shoulder. White is a very popular colour currently as are strappy sandals, and those Fair gladiator sandals are killing it. The blue pattern of the Boden top gives it a summery feel, while the chinos and sandals, as part of the outfit, can go from casual to dressy with just a change of accessories.


Ethical Fashion SS16 Florals

Jubilee Necklace $37 by Cambio Market; India Navy Floral Sandal £135 by Beyond Skin;
Irby Day Dress Floral €84 by Bibico from The Third Estate

Ah florals, one of the most feminine trends in any season. The love of some lives and the bane of others, there can be no denying the popularity of a floral print. The Third Estate dress pictured is what you imagine when you hear the word floral, soft pastel colours, where as the Beyond Skin sandal gives a more vibrant floral print and let’s not forget that straps are in this season so it’s a double-whammy! I think the gold and pearl Jubilee necklace really rounds up the whole look.

Nerd Chic

Ethical Fashion SS16 Nerd Chic

Nadia Flared Dress (Deep Rose) €88 by People Tree from The Third Estate;
Serena Sunglasses £60 by Boden; Cropped Cashmere Cardigan £62.65 by Boden

There are many ways you could wear The Third Estate dress, the aforementioned Soft Rock for example, but I found that pairing it with a cardigan and glasses presented a nerdy look à la the 1950s. The Serena sunglasses make you look like a very chic librarian (I mean that in the best possible way!). However the colour of the dress stops the look from becoming dated, the pop of colour gives a slight edginess to the overall look.

White on White

Ethical Fashion SS16 White on White

Regent Jumpsuit £40 by Brawl from The Acey; Zoe Cream High Sandal £139 by Beyond Skin;
Chevron Necklace in Brass $35 by Cambio Market; Olivia Jacket £60 by Boden;
Sunglasses £60 by Boden; Rose Gold Heart Ring £35 by By Boe from The Acey

I know jumpsuits can be a little frightening but they are so chic and paired with Boden’s Olivia jacket you’re well on your way to achieving the perfect white on white look! All you need to do is throw on a pair of creamy sandals, like the ones from Beyond Skin, and the obligatory pair of sunglasses and you’re summer ready. Although let’s not forget the rest of the accessories (where would we be without jewellery? I shudder to think). I find that brass and rose gold pieces compliment the look the best.

So there you have it, a roundup of the most popular S/S ’16 trends with an ethical fashion and cruelty free twist. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed trawling through clothes and trends! (Sigh, my life is such a trial).

Happy Shopping!

All prices and info correct 19 June 2016.



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