Ethical Fashion Alternatives: Kimonos

69B Boutique. Ark Kimono. £330 |

Kimonos are everywhere for 2015, including in ethical fashion stores. Such a versatile wardrobe piece, they can be worn with jeans for a casual look or over a dress for something really special. Kimonos are a piece of clothing that really make you stand out from the crowd.

1. This colourful kimono is by Ark and stocked at 69B Boutique. At 100% silk it does come in at a costly £330 but if you can think of any reason to buy it….let me know!

2. For the less flamboyant this darker kimono dress by Skunkfunk is a great compromise between standing out and fitting in. Made from sustainable bamboo it can be found at Fashion Conscience for £45.

3. Chandni Chowk offer a beautiful range of authentic goods and this is a true kimono, more suitable as loungewear perhaps. It comes at £69 and they offer a range of lengths and fabric choices.

4. This kimono will make you pretty in pink. It’s a dual hitter, featuring a paisley print that’s bang on trend. Perfect as a key piece in your sun holiday packing. It’s on sale at Braintree for £20 (was £50)

5. At first glance this looks more Hawaiian shirt than kimono, but the funky colours will really shine against plain trousers or even casually thrown over your bikini for brunch. Stop by Annie Greenabelle with £24

6. A beautiful 100% organic cotton top from People Tree. A great subtle way to weave this trend into your wardrobe. Also available in khaki. £24

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All information & prices correct at 20.06.15


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