Ethical Christmas Cards

Ethical Christmas Cards

Ethical Christmas cards are one way to decrease the environmental & human toll of the festive season. The Greeting Card Association estimates that Christmas boxed card market is worth £200 million, for 900 million cards worth £1.6 billion. Imagine if even 1% of that money was channelled out of the mass production market and into positive enterprises and ethical retailers!

With a little effort you can make sure your cards are made of recycled paper, by fairly paid workers or supporting social endeavours. Of course e-cards are the most environmentally friendly option, but many of us still send traditional “snail mail” greetings cards at Christmas. So, here is our pick of ethical Christmas cards for 2015.

Left, top to bottom

  1. Flying Puffin – Devon Wildlife Trust

    £3.75 for 10

    DWT manages 48 nature reserves to protect UK wildlife. FSC certified forests used. We absolutely love this design, the puffin manages to look elegant and a little cheeky at the same time!

  2. Polar Bear – WWF

    £4.95 for 10

    Everybody loves a polar bear, so why not add some fluffiness to your recipient’s mantel & support WWF at the same time. FSC paper.

  3. Silent Flight – Amnesty

    £3.95 for 10

    Cards and envelopes manufactured and printed in England using wood from the UK certified by FSC. Contains “Seasons Greetings” in nine languages for your international friends.

Centre, top to bottom

  1. Sea Tree – Friends of the Earth

    £3.95 for 10

    Beautiful, unique design printed in the UK on 100% recycled board which is uncoated and FSC certified. As a lovely extra touch each card has a recipe on the back to help transform your Christmas leftovers.

  2. Reindeer – Ethical Superstore

    £2.55 each

    For a really unique card check out the Arthouse Meath range at Ethical Superstore. It is a social enterprise for people with severe epilepsy or learning difficulties and 100% of the Arthouse’s profits go to the Meath Epilepsy Trust charity. These cards are made in the UK.

  3. Nepalese Batik – One Village

    £2.50 each

    You don’t get a much more ethical Christmas card than a hand-made paper card with a batik design from Nepal. These beautiful designs can easily compete with anything you’d find in a designer high-street shop.

Right, top to bottom

  1. A Selfie Christmas – Barnardos

    £3.49 for 10

    Cards are printed on FSC accredited board, using wood pulp from carefully managed and sustainable forests. All profits go back to Barnardos when bought online.

  2. Cats & Dogs – Animal Aid

    £3.95 for 10

    Made from FSC certified gloss board this is a really cute design. Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes cruelty-free living – a worthy recipient of your Christmas money.

  3. Cat Christmas – Chandni Chowk

    £5.00 for 4

    A very cute ethical Christmas card with a trendy illustration design. Chandni Chowk offers a range of blank cards with alternative designs to the traditional Christmas offerings. Some of them are very artistic. Both cards and envelopes are manufactured using pulp sourced from sustainable forests.

Top right

  1. Designer Reindeer – National Trust

    £5.00 for 10

    Inspired by a patchwork quilt, this is an incredibly stylish geometric print exclusive to the National Trust. All FSC.

Charity Christmas Cards

Even if you’re not in the market for an ethical Christmas card please consider buying your cards from a Charity. The feel-good factor for both sender and recipient for a charity Christmas card is huge. Most don’t offer recycled paper or emphasise fair trade, but it’s still a more positive purchase than a high street retailer.

Know any other great ethical Christmas card options? Let us know in the comments section below.

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All prices and info correct 16th Nov 2015.


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