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Ethical Skin Care Routine Products

Switching from big brand products to cruelty free alternatives can feel like a big task, but once you start incorporating them into your routine you will be surprised how quickly you become just as attached to them! I feel as attached to the Rio Rosa range as I ever did to my Nivea or Number 7 products.

I will admit my face routine is not so much a daily routine as a ‘when I bother’ routine, but as I am now in my 30s I suppose I should get more regimented. I’ve even bought myself an eye cream. Now I just have to remember to put it on!

Here is my ‘best day’ routine, that I follow as often as I can/remember. Many days I fast forward right to step 5, but shh don’t tell anyone!

Step 1: Oil Cleanse with Almond Oil

I discovered the oil cleanse method around a year ago. It’s pretty simple, you choose your favourite oil (such as coconut, olive or almond) and rub gently over your face, drape a hot muslin cloth on your face for a few moments & then wipe away the excess oil. There are lots of articles on this topic where you can read more info, such as Crunchy Betty or Wellness Mama.

I use Miaroma Sweet Almond Oil as their products are products are 100% natural, without parabens and not tested on animals. (This is also a SUPER make up remover – use the same steps or simply apply with a cotton pad. It even removes mascara!)

Step 2: Tone with Witch Hazel

Second, I use a little witch hazel, mainly because it is supposed to help with puffy eyes. It’s been used as a toner for generations and has tons of other positive benefits. Contrary to what you might expect it’s very nourishing for dry skin. I use a generic brand from the pharmacy.

Step 3: Rio Rosa Serum

I recently added some serum to my daily routine as I found the dry patches on my T-Zone getting worse. I’ve been using Rio Rosa Mosqueta Firming Serum for a while now but I don’t have any comparison as it’s my first foray into serum.

Step 4: Rio Rosa Eye Cream

Next I use a small amount of Rio Rosa Mosqueta Eye Contour Cream. The product advises to apply a small amount to the delicate skin around the eye area with gentle tapping movements. It absorbs quickly and feels smooth afterwards.

Step 5: Rio Rosa Moisturiser

Finally, I add my Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Aging Day and Night Cream moisturiser. The product is free from parabens, paraffin, synthetic substances and perfumes. There is no scent and while it’s lighter than other heavy-duty moisturisers it does actually work on my very dry skin. I was using very thick Nivea or Astral products & I was able to effectively transition to this one without any major dryness or tightness.

What cruelty free products do you use in your skin care routine? Let us know in the comments below.



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