Charity Christmas Gifts – Our Favourites

Charity Christmas Gifts

Charity Christmas gifts are all about giving back. They make an excellent alternative to joining the seasonal high street panic and they solve the problem of “the one who has everything”.

All of the gifts below are still available to buy as they offer an e-gift option. So there’s plenty of time to grab a feel-good charity Christmas gift. If you are searching for a charity Christmas gift that’s not listed let me know on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll try to help.

Charity Christmas Gifts – Ethical Fair Picks

From top, clockwise

  1. Great Ormond Street Hospital – Intensive Care Ventilating System 


    Your donation could help fund a child’s intensive care ventilating system. Ventilators are specialist equipment in constant use on our intensive care wards to provide life-sustaining oxygen to patients who are unable to breathe on their own. Your donation could contribute to this essential equipment.

  2. Oxfam – Christmas Goat


    An Oxfam goat is a great gift. Sourced locally and fully vaccinated, they’re fit, healthy and ready to supply a family with milk to drink or sell – not forgetting the crop-boosting manure. And because this gift includes business training, a family can get the best possible price for what their goat produces. When their goat has kids, they can go on to help another family or be sold to raise money for essentials.

  3. Unicef – 10 Syrian Children Health Checkups


    Your charity gift will help provide medical check-ups for 10 Syrian children. Unicef’s mobile health teams are working door to door within Syria to reach children, monitor their health and give treatment. Your £25 will be matched by the UK Government – so a double reason to give this gift.

  4. Good Gifts – Supplemental School for 1 Month


    History, geography and lamentable underfunding have rendered too many local schools in developing countries unfit for purpose (lack of trained staff, over crowded classrooms, no water or sanitation). But the outlook isn’t totally gloomy: our supplementary schools operating from 4.30-6.30pm achieve laudable results raising matriculation pass rates from 48% to 87%. Support a supplementary school for a month for just £30.

  5. Save the Child – Healthy Baby Hamper


    Every year 1 million babies die on their first day of life. But Save the Child have the solution – this hamper of health and hygiene products. It’s packed with everything a newborn needs to keep clean and warm; a wash bowl, nappies, towels, a wrap, soap and a snuggly-warm cap for baby – plus a No Child Born To Die kit containing a measles vaccine and treatments for diarrhoea and pneumonia. Your gift will give a child the best possible start in life.

  6. WWF – Adopt a Polar Bear

    £36 – £60

    Polar bears depend on Arctic ice to hunt and raise their young. But the ice is shrinking. Help the WWF to protect them and their habitat. You get a factbook, certificate, bookmarks, stickers and a magazine subscription. There is also an (optional!) cuddly polar bear toy. FYI the deadline for shipping the pack is 22 December, but you can still get a printable certificate right up to Christmas.

Know any other great charity Christmas gifts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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All prices and info correct 12th Dec 2015.


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