Found: Best Cruelty-Free Deodorant in the World

Cruelty Free Deodorant Girl

Struggling to find a natural, cruelty-free deodorant that works? Heard the nasty stories about anti-perspirant & the links to cancer & Alzheimer’s? Want to own a fancy little tin?

Hippy Paste is your answer!

The Cruelty-Free Deodorant Olympics

After switching to cruelty-free my sweaty pits were the main thing I struggled with. Having already tried every regular deodorant on the market (okay maybe not quite all of them…) I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of starting all over again with cruelty-free deodorant.

Oversharing moment: I am not one of those elegant females who “glistens” like a dew-frosted leaf. I am a red-faced, pit-stained monster most days. Especially during any form of exercise or hint of warm weather.

Despite my continuous efforts I felt doomed to chalk deodorant down as an exception to my cruelty-free regime. However, I’m stubborn so I kept buying and trying. Some of the cruelty-free deodorants I tried came from well known ethical brands and each one had positives & negatives:

While the Lush solid was excellent the hardness of the bar irritated by sensitive little pits (thanks eczema!) and I had to abandon it after a couple of weeks. Salt of the Earth was the most ineffective (I don’t know if I even put any on or just rubbed water on myself with a stone). Summary: none of these gave me the confidence to leave the house without the safety net of an anti-perspirant spray tucked into my bag.

Cruelty-Free Deodorant Gold: Hippy Paste

Lavender Cruelty-Free Deodorant

When all hope was nearly lost, along came Hippy Paste.

This cruelty-free deodorant is 100% natural, made in the UK and does not contain any of the following:

  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Aluminium
  • Palm oil
  • Animal-tested ingredients
  • Ingredients that harm wildlife, marine-life or plants (when washed off)
  • Plastic

Is it an empty tin I hear you say? Definitely not! You can read all about the properties of their ingredients on their website, but these little tins are packed full of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate & arrowroot powder. All of this is topped off with an essential oil for added loveliness, but they also offer a fragrance-free option for sensitive noses.

Hippy Paste is certified by PETA and I love how simply they state this on their website: “We do not test our products on animals, our ingredients are not tested on animals either“. If a company can’t say this so simply, no matter what their PR or marketing claims, I want to know why not.

If you’re a fan of natural products you can probably imagine from the ingredients list how smooth this cruelty free deodorant is. As with most natural products the properties we are familiar with from regular products don’t always carry over; you apply with your fingers which is a bit weird at first & the consistency changes depending on the temperature. On colder days you need to rub your fingers over the top to gather enough for application but in summer you just need to scoop it gently.

Not Just Cruelty-Free

Hippy Paste Cruelty-Free Deodorant LogoNot limited to being “just” a cruelty-free deodorant, Hippy Paste ingredients are certified organic (Soil Association) where possible, and they are committed to not using plastic in their products or delivery. And as if that wasn’t enough, they donate to the Marine Conservation Society – a UK charity that protects our seas, shores and wildlife.

Tried and Tested

I’ve been using Hippy Paste cruelty-free deodorant for three months now. The Lavender is my favourite. I’ve tried the Citrus but it can’t tempt me away, however I imagine it would appeal to men because it’s a scent many regular products already target at them.

I’ve tried Hippy Paste in a range of everyday situations. Sometimes I reapply (like during a long-haul flight or pre-gym) and other times my morning application sees me through the day (even during stressful meeting-filled days or gathering for drinks after work). As a bonus it’s allowed as airport carry on and it fits into even my smallest handbag nicely. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my underarm skin and shaving is no longer as irritating. Actually this deodorant doubles up as a lovely post-shave moisturiser – free bonus!

And guess what? Since discovering Hippy Paste I no longer carry a back up anti-perspirant! For me a cruelty free deodorant can’t receive a stronger endorsement than that.

Oh and did I mention a tin of this gorgeous deo (lasts about a month) is only £5! What are you waiting for?

Image Credit: Gratisography
Note: This is an independent review & I am not associated with Hippy Paste in any way.


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